Golf Club Repair Service

At Billericay Golf we offer an extensive repair service carried our by PGA Qualified Professionals:

  • Full Re-gripping Service
  • Re-Shafting both Irons & Woods
  • Club Extensions
  • Club Shortening
  • Loft and Lie Service

Re-Gripping Service

We off the latest grips from Golf Pride, Lamkin & Super-stroke, professionally installed by our team and in some instances fitted the same day.

If your'e not sure about the grip style or size that would suit you best then please come in to one of our stores for the best advice.

Re-Shafting Service

We carry a range of shafts ready and waiting to be installed however should you require a particular shaft to match in with your current set, no problem we can order this for you. This service is available for both Irons and Woods.

Loft & Lie Service available at The Burstead Golf Club Store

(One Hour Appointment £75, includes all adjustments)


In a set of clubs it’s important that lofts change with length so that each club will display a change in distance. The average golfer will need at least a 3 degree difference between each club. A lady or senior golfer with lower swing speeds can need 4 to 6 degrees change between clubs. This is because the stronger the loft the more swing speed (ball speed) is needed to launch the ball in the air. So too strong a loft = lower ball flight loss of distance, too much loft = higher flight less roll loss in distance.

Lie angle of a club

The lie angle of a golf club plays a major part in shot accuracy and consistency. The golfer who’s lie is too upright will see the ball fly to the left of the target, this is because the heel of the club will hit the ground closing the face, a golfer who’s club lie is too flat will see the ball fly to the right of the target, because the toe will hit the ground opening the club face.

Loft and Lie Service is available on forged clubs and certain cast headed clubs, please check your model with Kevin on 07740422455 before booking this service.