Sik Putter Fitting with Quintic

Would you like to get dialled in for the perfect putter and hole more putts?



We are the creators of the PATENTED Descending Loft Technology™. DLT works to launch the golf ball at a consistent angle which in turn leads to the most consistent distance control of any putter on the market.

Our putters are proven winners on the PGA Tour & we do not pay to play. SIK is used on TOUR because DLT helps players SCORE. 

Every golfers stroke is different, with Quintic Ball Roll and Sik Golfs unique Fitting system we will not only help you improve your putting stroke but also bag the best putter for your game.

How does it work?

  • We start with the interview process, help us learn more about your stroke, where do you struggle most on the greens? do you miss right or left? how is your distance control?
  • We move on to finding which combination of putter gives you the best chance of setting up to your intended target line using the Quintic Aim Board.
  • Finally we analyse the data from Quintic Ball Roll to confirm that the choice made is the right one and see if any stroke changes can also benefit your game

What is the cost?

To Book a Sik Fitting please click here to find a suitable date and time