Quintic Putter Fitting & Stroke Analysis

At Billericay Golf we firmly believe that you should only buy a putter that you have tried and tested so we recommend booking a custom fit appointment with our PGA Professional fitter at our Burstead Golf Club Putting Studio. We use the best technology available, as used by many of the worlds best players. 

Quintic Ball Roll utilises a high-speed camera (360 - 1080 frames per second) to track the putter and golf ball throughout the impact zone of a right handed player. The system automatically measures over 45 parameters regarding the putter and ball, both graphically and numerically. The data is instantly displayed within the software for immediate analysis, review and intervention.



50 Minute Putter Fitting & Analysis Session - £50

This measured fitting session will test your current putter and a variety of different putters to ensure that when you leave, the putter in your hands is personalised to work with your current stroke and not against it. Factors such as putter style, face material, length, lie, loft, weight and grip will all be considered. 

Quintic will also highlight any flaws within your current technique allowing us to focus on stroke improvements as well as putter type.

We custom fit for the following putter brands:


    Should you wish to discuss your fitting prior to booking please call our fitting expert Kevin on 07740422455 or kevin@billericaygolf.co.uk

    To make a booking online please click on this link BOOK HERE

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the studio located?

    • The Burstead Golf Club
    • Tye Common Road
    • Billericay
    • Essex
    • CM12 9SS

    How long does a fitting usually take?

    Fittings will typically just under an hour. To ensure the fitter can spend the most amount of time getting your putter dialed in, we recommend coming in ready with an idea of which models you’d like to try.

    Should I bring my putter?

    Yes, if possible, please bring your current gamer. It will help us establish a baseline.

    What is the price of a fitting?

    £50 (50% refunded on the purchase of a putter)

    What if I don't need a new putter, just a change of technique?

    If our fitter feels that a change of technique will benefit you more than a new putter then you just pay the fitting fee.

    Can I leave with my new putter that same day?

    In most cases yes however, if we are out of stock on a particular model or there is custom work being done to your putter, it may need to be picked up on a later date.

    If you would like to purchase a Quintic Putter Fitting & Analysis Gift Voucher please click here or fill in our contact form below.

    To make a booking online please click on this link BOOK HERE